Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'll take one of each please....

 Let me just start off by saying - the lady behind this store is so stinkin' cute...and so is her family!  She is a Pastor's wife and stay at home mommy, but also enjoys DIY projects and making these adorable purses! We have become friends through our blogging (and of course facebook) and although we have never met in real life, I'm quite certain we'd get along splendidly.  
Love the bright, summery colors of this one
 This was one of my favorites...

 She even puts pockets on the inside!  I don't know about you....but I need pockets, lots of them.  Otherwise my stuff gets lost in the mix of diaper bag gear.

I like the fact that this one could be used for anything...I love versatility!  I used to change purses all the time...since having a child I find one bag and stick with it.  To much to switch in and out!  :)
So head over to her shop and show her some love...and tell her I said HI!!!!!! 

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